About Us


The Belvidere Board of Education, having the foresight to realize the impact of the rising community population, placed before the Belvidere community the need for a second high school. Belvidere North High School was made possible by a referendum that was passed by the Belvidere community in 2005 for 49+ million dollars. The building of this second high school solved the overcrowding issue at Belvidere High School.

Construction began September of 2005 and the school district took possession in June of 2007. The final design and construction of this comprehensive high school building was the result of a partnership between Belvidere School District 100, ATS&R, Architectural firm, and George Solitt Construction.

The all-brick building, with its large number of windows, allows for a considerable amount of natural light to flow into the building. Entering the main entrance of the building, one is greeted by the school crest, which was designed to capture all the aspects of a comprehensive high school, such as fine arts, athletics and academics. The brick wall in the main entrance will house the future Academic Hall of Fame, designed to showcase academic excellence.

On the other side of that wall is the student cafeteria which seats 600 students. North of the cafeteria is the student services area: attendance, clinic, guidance, and assistant principals. Natural light is brought into this area by an impressive outdoor courtyard.

Just north of the courtyard sits a large media center, where the focus will be on reading and research. The numerous windows create a warm and welcoming environment. Two rows of computers enhance the opportunities for research. Several leisure areas encourage students to curl up and read. Groupings of tables and chairs allow four classes to be accommodated simultaneously.

The remainder of the north side of the school houses the art, agriculture, automotive, industrial technology and family and consumer science departments. Plenty of space is provided for both classroom and lab work. The design allows the staff to develop hands-on, project-oriented lessons.

Two U-shaped wings of 15 classrooms each jut out from the two hallways running north and south. In each wing a large classroom can be divided into two smaller rooms through the use of floor to ceiling dividing walls. Within the two wings are the teachers' planning centers, which allow for teachers to meet, plan, and collaborate on interdisciplinary instruction.

The performing arts area with rooms for band, choir and theater is located to the west of the student cafeteria. Within the music complex are the music library and practice rooms. Space has been designed for a future music lab, allowing students to compose their own music.

A number of spacious staircases lead to the second floor, where the room layout duplicates that of the first floor. In addition, four computer labs, tiered for effective instruction, allow ample space for technology instruction.

On the north end of the second floor is the science department. Rooms were designed to meet the unique needs of biology, chemistry and physics, as well as geology. Space is provided for traditional desk and laboratory work. A tour of Belvidere North is not complete without seeing the forum room that sits to the east of the main entrance. This large tiered room with a 130-person capacity provides all of the technology needs for large meetings and group instruction. Once again, the large windows in the rear provide a warm atmosphere of sunlight.

At the end of the east hall is the indoor athletic facility. The basketball court, with colorful bleachers and 26 basketball hoops, comprises the center of the field house. This is encircled by a four lane indoor track that provides plenty of running room for physical education and track students.

A tour of this area is not complete without a visit to the wrestling room and the spacious, airy and sunlit fitness room. Mirrors line two walls of the fitness room, allowing the students and staff the opportunity to self evaluate as they work out.

Finally, this spacious and sunlit building provides students and staff a state of the art building. It is truly a physical complex of which the Belvidere community can be most proud. This facility meets the academic and extracurricular needs of a comprehensive high school education. It is the place where the school’s mascot, “Blue Thunder”, can come alive and where educating today for tomorrow’s success will become a reality.